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There were 784,764 U.S. residents who described their race as white and black in the last census. But that number didn’t include Laura Martin, whose father is black and mother is white.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — When Juanita Goggins became the first black woman elected to the South Carolina Legislature in 1974, she was hailed as a trailblazer and twice visited the president at the White House.

Via If you look around and have no examples of beautiful Black love in your life, I dare say that it says more about you than it does about Black love. Lauren Lake writes… Don’t believe the hype. The statistics will tell you that Black love is practically extinct; that Black men and women […]

Its seems, the more educated and professional a black woman becomes, the lower her chances are of finding a black man to spend her happily ever after with. Check out the interview from ABC News. Share your comments below.

By now you’ve surely heard that Tiger Woods cheated on his (white) wife with a parade of other (white) women. A new mistress or two seems to pop up every day, so the golfer’s infidelity has ceased to be the surprising news. No, what surprised us here at NewsOne is that apparently, Black people are […]

Oprah made the big announcement today that her long-running talk show is going to well… stop running. She seemed sad about it, choking back tears & all. I’m guessing her fans & the hundreds of authors & publishers who benefited from being in her good grace are sadder than us all. But let’s not be […]