For the first time in 20 years, the NBA began its season with no Black-owned franchises. The post Exploring The History Of The NBA’s Lack Of Black Ownership appeared first on NewsOne.

Racist Alabama college football fans were caught on video taunting Black Texas players with homophobic slurs and telling them repeatedly to "go back to the projects." The post Video Shows Racist University Of Alabama Football Fans Tell Black Texas Players To ‘Go Back To The Projects’ appeared first on NewsOne.

Former Northwestern University football players are accusing Pat Fitzgerald of also being racist and calling Black players "monkeys" after the coach was fired amid a widening hazing scandal. The post ‘Racist’: Ex-Northwestern Players Accuse Fired Coach Pat Fitzgerald Of Being Anti-Black Amid Hazing Fallout appeared first on NewsOne.

Jalen Hurts and Lamar Jackson are making history with their iconic NFL offers.

If the MLB really wants more U.S.–born Blacks to play baseball again, then it will need to bring baseball back to the hood. The post Why Are There So Few Black American Players In Major League Baseball? appeared first on NewsOne.

ESPN's Mina Kimes had some choice words for Jason Whitlock after the sunken critic defended a radio host calling her an anti-Asian slur. The post Jason Whitlock Attacks Asian Journalist Who Was Called Ethnic Slur By White Radio Host appeared first on NewsOne.

The Bills' GM thinks it's a real possibility. The post Will Damar Hamlin Play Football Again? Bills GM Joins NFL Doctor’s Optimism appeared first on NewsOne.

The NBA seems to have a thing for drug testing its athletes after they have big performances on the court.  The post The NBA Has A History Of Drug Testing Players After Big Games appeared first on NewsOne.

University of Alabama basketball star Brandon Miller allegedly delivered a gun used in a murder and has kept playing uninterrupted, sparking a debate over whether he should be allowed to keep playing. The post Should Brandon Miller Be Allowed To Play? Debate Rages Over College Hoops Star Embroiled In Gun Controversy appeared first on NewsOne.

A secular group is demanding the University of Colorado censor "religious exercises" that new head football coach Deion Sanders may intend for the team. He has since received "training" and "guidance," Colorado said. The post Secular Group Demands Deion Sanders Stop ‘Religious Exercises With Players’ At University Of Colorado appeared first on NewsOne.