The Larry Young Morning Show broadcasted live from New Shiloh Baptist Church on Friday May 21, 2010. Here are photos from the broadcast.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House promised tighter security for Wednesday’s state dinner — and it delivered.

The Rev. Al Sharpton visited Baltimore on Monday to seek support for a plan to develop a new arts district in the city to honor Africa- American cultural achievements. WOLB1010 AM radio show host Larry Young said that has been trying to make things happen for the past 25 yrs. A proposal by the African-Amercian […]

Rev. Al Sharpton is the featured guest speaker in Baltimore today for a town hall meeting addressing issues that affect the African American community. Hosted by Radio One’s own morning talk show host of WOLB1010 AM and National Action Network’s Baltimore chapter President , Larry Young,and on the agenda of topics to be discussed are […]

If picking up Sasha were an Olympic sport, then President Obama would be a gold medalist: his 8-year-old daughter has perfected the acrobatic ‘run and leap’ greet. Rate the lifts on a scale of 1 to 10 (being a perfect score), as though you were an Olympic judge. Maybe the sport should be considered for […]

Via: News One From the New York Times: For decades, Harlem has been the lodestar of black politics in New York City and beyond. From Harlem came the city’s first black mayor, David N. Dinkins, the state’s first black governor, David A. Paterson, and generations of other influential black politicians and operatives. To Harlem went […]