Kaiju fans have been waiting a long time for the epic throwdown between the King of the Monsters, Godzilla, and the great ape, King Kong, and they were not disappointed.

The emergence of white women amplifying their privileges to exert their purported moral authorities in reaction to the coronavirus is being led by Karens.

Yes, we are still in the middle of a pandemic, but if you looked at what is going on in Miami, Florida, you would think everything was back to normal.

The conservative commentator and sports columnist said that "The best vaccine is weight loss, exercise, vitamin D, green food from the earth and water."

Adding to this long tradition of discussion regarding the deserving nominees are some of the glaring omissions made, sparking chatter and discussion on Twitter shortly after the list went wide.

It's been one year since the nation learned of the horrific details of Breonna Taylor's death. While the nation rallies together in remembrance of her loss, her family continues to demand justice for their loss. We list what has happened in her case over the year.

Prince William's public denial that his family is racist just happened to come as he was flanked by a Black woman.

Devastating photos show the extent of the unprecedented freezing amid widespread power outages across the large state of Texas from Winter Storm Uri.

The legendary musician was battling a rare form of cancer, according to details provided by his family.

The pancake mix and syrup brand will now be known as the Pearl Milling Company, but the name change isn't exactly sitting that well with some.