Tim Scott says his "opponents" are to blame for the media focus on him not being married while running for president and that "voters don't care." But Republican donors sure do... The post Tim Scott Says ‘Voters Don’t Care’ If He’s Unmarried appeared first on NewsOne.

Vice President Kamala Harris is kicking off a college tour at an HBCU to shore up support among young voters amid concerns about Joe Biden's age. The post VP Harris Kicking Off College Tour At HBCU Amid ‘Hypothetical’ Worries About Biden’s Age appeared first on NewsOne.


New polling suggests Biden is losing support from Black and brown voters - his most loyal base - as the overall electorate is seemingly split between Biden and Trump. The post Polling Suggests Biden Losing Black Voters’ Support As America Is Split On Trump appeared first on NewsOne.


Why isn't Tim Scott married? Republican donors want to know as they look campaigns to support for the 2024 election, according to a new report. The post Why Isn’t Tim Scott Married? Republicans Donors Reportedly Want To Know appeared first on NewsOne.

The Congressional Black Caucus called Vivek Ramaswamy "deeply unserious" after the GOP presidential candidate called Rep. Ayanna Pressley the "modern KKK." The post Congressional Black Caucus Checks Vivek Ramaswamy Over ‘KKK’ Comment To Ayanna Pressley appeared first on NewsOne.

Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy decided to use a famous Barak Obama quote, to relate to the audience, which wasn’t a good look.  The post Vivek Ramaswamy Copies Obama’s Whole Flow ‘Bar For Bar’ During GOP Debate appeared first on NewsOne.

The latest 2024 presidential election national poll found Biden would barely lose to Trump with Cornel West playing "spoiler." The post Latest 2024 Election Poll Has Trump Beating Biden With Cornel West Playing ‘Spoiler’ appeared first on NewsOne.

In honor of the anniversary of the 19th Amendment being ratified, we spotlight notable Black women who have fought for voting rights. The post Ratifying The 19th Amendment: Celebrating Black Women Voting Rights Champions appeared first on NewsOne.

Basically, Ramaswamy is a person of color with white supremacist tendencies—which is the only kind of POC the GOP will allow at its table. The post Republican Presidential Candidate Says Juneteenth Is ‘Useless’ Because Martin Luther King Day Already Exists appeared first on NewsOne.

The Houston Independent School District, which serves a disproportionate number of Black and brown students, will be converting libraries at 28 schools into detention centers. The post Texas Plans To Turn Dozens Of Libraries In Black And Brown School District Into Detention Centers appeared first on NewsOne.