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During and after the election of Barack Obama, Fox News has created several scandals through unethical journalism, to paint Barack Obama as a scary black man out to get white people. They have done so by taking quotes and videos out of context and ramming their so-called scandals down their easily influenced viewers throats. Here are there worst “scandals” of the past few years.

5. Shirley Sherrod

Rather than address the charges of racism that the NAACP brought to the Tea Party, the right wing media decided to try and dig up some dirt on the NAACP. What they found was a 2 minute clip of Shirley Sherrod talking about an incident with a white farmer from decades ago, who later would go on to become a close family friend. Rather than putting the clip in context, they branded it as racist and she was subsequently fired. When the full tape came out, it was revealed that the story was one of overcoming prejudices and reconciliation, not racism.

How Fox And The Right Wing Media Twisted The Shirley Sherrod Story

4. The New Black Panther Party

During the 2008 election a member of the New Black Panther Party King Samir Shabazz was carrying a nightstick outside a Philadelphia polling center. Former DOJ lawyer, and right wing activist J. Christian Adams has said that the case was squashed to protect minorities. Despite the fact that no voters claimed they were intimidated and that the Bush Administration, not the Obama Administration decided not to pursue criminal charges, Fox News has tried to make the incident a scandal for the Obama administration.

Pundit Claims Fox News Uses “Scary Black Man Thing” For Black Panther “Scandal”

3. Van Jones

Van Jones, the former Director of Green Jobs for the White House, signed a petition to investigate what happened on 9/11. He claims he didn’t know it was from a 9/11 Truther organization and he was just convinced into signing a petition under false pretenses. Glenn Beck went on a tirade against him which lead to his ultimate resignation. It is ironic that the right wing icon, Glen Beck who so thoroughly supports the Tea Party, which is full of 9/11 Truthers, criticized Van Jones for being a Truther. Right wing darlings Ron and Rand Paul regularly appear on top 9/11 Truther, Alex Jones’ show, yet have not received any criticism from Beck or Fox.

Van Jones Tells Tavis He’s Not A 9/11 “Truther”


Once again Andrew Breibart decided to use a small amount of footage out of context to demonize an agency that works for the interests of poor and minority populations. James O’Keefe pretended to be a pimp and went to several ACORN offices asking for advice and recorded the visits. The videos were edited to only show the negative responses and made it seem as if O’Keefe was actually dressed as a pimp in the interviews. James O’Keefe has since been arrested and convicted of breaking into a government office on false pretenses and is being sued by ACORN employee, Juan Carlos Vera, for being falsely portrayed in a heavily edited video to be conspiring with O’Kefe to transport illegal aliens as prostitutes.

1. Reverend Wright

Fox News took small clips of Reverend Wright’s sermons and twisted them into making him to be an anti-American, anti-white mad man. Reverend Wright was giving an impassioned speech on 9/11. He referenced comments from former U.S. Ambassador Edward Peck on Fox News who referred to 9/11 as chickens coming home to roost, a phrase made popular by Malcolm X, which Fox made to seem like he was an Al-Qaeda supporter.

In his sermons, Wright would criticize the U.S. on several fronts, including the nuclear bomb on Japan, the Vietnam War, support of apartheid, the Tuskeegee experiment, Iran-Contra, the Iraq war and AIDS. All of Wright’s claims (except for the one about the government starting AIDS) are thoroughly backed up. Unlike most of the pundits at Fox News and GOP politicians, Reverend Wright served his country as a Marine. While someone may say that Wright was unpatriotic to criticize America, Henry David Thoreaud would write in his book “Walden,”

A patriot will readily and passionately criticize her or his government when it is evil, corrupt, and infamous; refusing to do so is treason. It is the duty of every citizen to criticize, censure and scourge the political fiends who pretend to serve the public when those villainous brutes serve only tyranny, greed, hatred, and prejudice.

So while Fox News champions the Tea Party’s write to criticize the government, they claim Reverend Wright was anti-American to do so.