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Ron DeSantis Joins Doug Mastriano As He Campaigns For Governor Of Pennsylvania

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Florida governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis suggested that electing Donald Trump as president again would mean America is “going to continue to dig ourselves deeper and deeper into a hole.”

But it was DeSantis who people suggested was doing the digging during a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Friday.

A video that wove together brief clips of the anti-”woke” crusader fidgeting with his nose and mouth at St. Anselm’s College in New Hampshire was being widely shared on social media over the weekend. In the footage, DeSantis looks at once bothered, uncomfortable, sweaty and generally uneasy.

Ron Filipkowski, who first posted the video, suggested “Ron DeBooger” was actually picking his nose, a possibility that sparked a wave of responses to DeSantis’ latest display of strange behavior in public.


Joe Navarro, a former FBI agent, posted on the social media app formerly known as Twitter that Deantis’ fidgeting gestures make him “look less confident.”

Other social media users suspected DeSantis may be on drugs, with one calling him a “Straight up cokehead!!”

Others pointed out that people should shake DeSantis’ hand at their own risk or else chance being touched by a finger or hand that may or may not have been picking or wiping at a booger.

Social media influencer Chris Evans went one step further than Filipkowki and asked a simple question baked on DeSantis’ behavior: “What is wrong with him?”

That question generated an outsized number of responses on social media, with the apparent consensus being that DeSantis just isn’t comfortable being a presidential candidate in a race where he and other Republican hopefuls are being dominated by someone who the Department of Justice says conspired against the United States of America. And one way he deals with that discomfort, social media critics said, is by using drugs.

“Just a little bit to get through this weekend,” one person posted on X.

Other, more detailed versions of that post offer similarly damning sentiments about suspicions of DeSantis baked on that 28-second viral video.

When Ron DeSantis isn’t showing hallmark signs of possible drug use in public, he’s been busy becoming less popular in his home state, according to a report last month.

As of Thursday, when the most recent national poll of Republican voters was published, DeSantis trails Trump in the race for the GOP presidential nomination 59-13.


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