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The Abrams tanks that the U.S. was going to send to Ukraine have just been expedited. The tanks will now arrive as early as fall this year. The previous date could have taken a year or longer. This news came Tuesday morning from the National Security Council. This is a day after Xi Jinping landed in Moscow to meet with Vladamir Putin about unknown affairs.

Previously, the U.S. announced that it would send modern M1-A2 battle tanks to Ukraine. However, this would require the U.S. to build new tanks or modernize old ones. It would also require Ukraninans to know how to operate them thus calling for new training. The modern M1-A2 has a new targeting system that’s more complex than the previous versions. Defense officials stated that a group of 65 Ukrainian soldiers will be completing their training in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

The decision to speed up the tank process came after Ukraine planned to launch a spring offensive against Russian forces, which will require all of the weapons and advanced systems Western countries have sent.



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