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As if the world doesn’t already have enough problems when it comes race relations, children of color being discriminated against by adults in oversized costumes should not be something plaguing the nation at the moment.

Unfortunately that’s become a recent cause of concern that speaks to the deeper issue of racism in America. It was first sparked by viral backlash against Sesame Street recently following multiple examples of mascots ignoring Black children while seemingly embracing the white kids. Now the heat is on popular entertainment center Chuck E. Cheese after a mom says a mascot was recorded clearly snubbing her 2-year-old Black child in favor of giving high-fives to a handful of Caucasian toddlers.


The claim of 29-year-old Natyana Muhammad has been going viral over the past few days after she posted a video of the incident (seen above) that occurred at a Chuck E. Cheese location in Wayne, New Jersey. “I stopped recording,” she told NBC News about the shock at witnessing her child get slighted, also adding, “I actually tapped Chuck E. on his arm to let him know that Safa was standing right there, and he ignored me.”

More on this issue that’s proving to be a growing problem below, via NBC News:

“Safa had never seen Chuck E. Cheese in person, so her mother was excited to get her reaction on camera.

Muhammad said their family was in the party room because Safa was a guest of one of the birthday parties. She said the mascot didn’t go to their table at all until a manager pushed it to.

The location’s manager told Muhammad that the mascot hadn’t seen her daughter and insisted on arranging a photo for Safa with Chuck E. Cheese, but Safa was visibly upset. Muhammad said she was looking for a lawyer to discuss her options about a potential lawsuit.

‘You don’t do that,’ Muhammad said. ‘Not only was it unnecessary, it was inhumane to do that to a toddler.’”

Adding insult to injury, the Chuck E. mascot at the center of the accusation didn’t even come to the table for the party they were at to begin with. The host, 51-year-old Tawan Thompson, spoke with two managers who offered to have the Chuck E. come over and spend time with them. She declined as would be expected, and now things may go the legal route.

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NJ Mom Pursuing Chuck E. Cheese Lawsuit After Mascot Ignored Her Black Child  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com