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A court case was dismissed Thursday in regards to a contempt of court complaint that Baltimore City officials are preventing a contract from being awarded to a group who wants to hold a protest rally at MECU Pavilion.

Earlier this week, a federal judge ruled St. Michael’s Media, also known as Church Militant, can hold the rally. Former President Donald Trump Advisor Steve Bannon is one of the headlining speakers for the event.

Baltimore City officials said they are concerned inflammatory speeches could incite violence.


“There’s nothing about violence in this. They are lying. I’m not saying they are misinterpreting it, the city is lying,” St. Michael’s Media Inc. attorney Marc Randazza said.

St. Michael’s Media wants to hold the protest rally at the MECU Pavilion during the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops meeting on November 16. That gathering would be at the Waterfront Hotel across the street from the pavilion. The group wants to speak out about the Catholic Church’s cover-up of child sexual abuse and provide comfort to victims through prayer.

“The rally is happening. I am confident it’s happening,” Randazza said.

The MECU Pavilion is on city property, but is run by a contractor. According to St. Michael’s Media, MECU told organizers in an email the city said to not execute a contract.

However, through court testimony, it was found the MECU Pavilion general manager misinterpreted the city’s position on his own.

St. Michael’s Media ended up withdrawing its complaint after it was revealed the city did not instruct MECU to delay awarding the contract for the rally.

Source: WBAL-TV

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