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Dr Eric Dobson, MD, in practice here in Baltimore for over 25 years, he specialty is Child & Young Adult Medicine.  His office is in Garwyn Medical Center locate 2300 Garrison Blvd., Suite #202. Dr. Dobson focus is on child and adolescent medicine, families, learning and finding solutions. We’ve all had questions about how we were doing as parents.  The choices that we had made.  How did it affect our children?  Is there a better way?   Is my toddler learning?  Should she be walking? Somethings wrong. She cries all of the time. So many choices: What should he be eating?  Are vaccines safe?  These computers are best for their brain, aren’t they?  My child is being bullied.  School says that they will look into it, but it’s been weeks and now his grades are dropping.  How can I help and protect my child? My teen seems sad and withdrawn. Do kids get depressed?  He’s too young to be on drugs isn’t he?  He says that he doesn’t want to be here anymore.   Kids don’t commit suicide, do they? I feel over whelmed. If you need answers.  If you are ready for the next step, if you need a solution to find some resources, to help make some choices Give Dr. Dobson  a call 410 233 2600