Toll Booth on Highway at Night

Source: © Allard Schager / Getty

Expect more traffic if your regular commute takes you through the I-895 Baltimore Harbor Tunnel toll booths.

MDTA announced Tuesday that two of its employees came down with what’s known as Legionnaires’ Disease. As a precaution, they shut down its administration building and also some of its tolls while it works to find out where the disease started.

“It’s reservoirs in water. So, if water droplets like misters or steamers or cool water mist, those droplets of water will carry the bacteria and you’ll inhale it,” said Dr. Neil Roy, chairman of ER at Sinai Hospital.

Those two employees are being treated for the disease and are expected to be fine. Dr. Roy said this is a bacteria that is easily treatable with a common antibiotic.

Cash lanes ahead of the Harbor Tunnel are now automated and a statement will be sent to you.

Source: CBS Baltimore

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