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Two HBCU graduates from Baltimore turned business partners are making Instagram a little more easygoing for you, thanks to Caption Any Photo App.

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Caption Any Photo is not only free, it has many instant captions.  Basically, you can pick a category of the type of caption you need; like Homecoming Season, Break Ups and Girls Night Out. You can even search strictly song lyrics.

The creators, Juwon Nickolson and JaBre Jennings met back in 2010 at University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES).

“We found that a lot of businesses were having a lack of engagement due to not knowing what to post,” Jabre said. “So what our app does is once you find the photo, we give you the quote and caption to actually let you post to social media and increase engagement. ”

The business partners said they plan to expand the app as a subscription service for companies and brands.

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