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New Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski said he was disappointed when he heard about the excessive use of confidential release authorizations for rape victims.

Baltimore County police investigate hundreds of sexual assault cases, but, how the process is handled from interviews, to the investigation, to dealing with the evidence deserves a new look, according to county executive Johnny Olszewski.

Now he’s telling the police force they won’t be used anymore.

“There are lawsuits in the issue quite frankly have sort of affirmed that we need to be taking a comprehensive look,” Olszewski said. “Bringing to ear some of the experts on the issue and some of the best minds together to make sure we are being responsive.”

On Monday, Olszewski was flanked by the members of the new sexual assault investigations task force. Starting next week, the group will meet over the next six months.

These are some of them

  • Examine current investigative practices and review past case files.
  • Review training for law enforcement involved in assault cases.
  • And test old and new rape kits, making adjustments as necessary.

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