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Kamala Harris challenged several moves by the Trump administration this week. The Democratic California senator put the heat on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing in Washington, D.C.

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Kavanaugh, a Trump pick, has incited opposition from the NAACP, Black politicians and communities by way of his association with the president, conservative views and troublesome record with civil rights. Harris isn’t known to pull any punches, posing serious questions to the nominee during the hearing which began Tuesday. The senator asked Kavanaugh about whether Trump was correct in blaming the violence at last year’s “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville on “both sides” — a question that the nominee sidestepped as if taking a cue from White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders.

Harris recognized the significance of Supreme Court justices, a position that strikes a “personal” chord with her. The politician shared a story about living through the dawn of school desegregation during her childhood in Berkeley, California at Kavanaugh’s hearing. Former Chief Justice Earl Warren, who died in 1974, had delivered the unanimous decision to stop segregation in schools with the landmark Brown v. Board Of Education in 1954.

“Had that decision [Brown v. Board of Education] not come down the way it did, I might not have had the opportunities that allowed me to become a lawyer or prosecutor, or the attorney general of California, and I most certainly would not be sitting here as a member of the United States Senate. So for me, the Supreme Court seat is not about academic issues of legal precedent or judicial philosophy, it is personal,” Harris said.

Harris also spoke out against the Trump administration’s inflammatory decision announced Thursday to jail immigrant children with their parents indefinitely. The decision reversed a ban that had been in place for 20 years, NBC News reported. Instead of releasing children with their parents after 20 days, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will be able to keep children with their mothers in detention facilities while their cases for asylum go through the court. The abolishment of ICE has become a political movement in recent months.

Harris also opposed the one-year anniversary of the Trump administration ending DACA this week by turning attention to a welcoming message outside of her California office to Dreamers.


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