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As we all know, it is right wing conspiracy to say the survivors of the horrific Parkland school shooting are paid actors. However, that didn’t stop North Miami Beach police Officer Ericson Harrell from ranting the foolishness on social  media. See below:

The police officer is now being investigated for the conspiracy posts. According to The Sun-Sentinel, the cop, who has been with the North Miami Beach police department for 19 years, “has been removed from road patrol while he’s being investigated in connection with Facebook posts that suggested the Parkland school massacre could be a hoax.” He has “been reassigned to administrative restricted duty with pay, until the police department’s investigation is over, said police spokesman Maj. Richard Rand.”

However, Harrell’s posts get even worse. Back in January 2016, he wrote on Facebook, “OMG, Obama squeezed out some fake tears because he cares about the lives lost at SandyHoaX…I mean Sandy Hook!!” In addition, in February 2015, he implied Obama is to blame for beheadings, posting, “Either all these beheadings are done by same person or there’s an overwhelming amount of LEFT handed jihadist in the middle east!! Beware of Left handed people!! Wait,OBAMA is LEFT handed, arrrghhh!!”

Harrell was arrested in 2013 for wearing an “Anonymous”  mask to an anti-Obamacare rally. He did an interview with the right wing outlet, where he creepily said, “there’s a war coming” and “it’s time to fight.” Watch below:

From  Sandy Hook to Parkland to talks of beheadings and war, this man is clearly disturbed. Why has he been employed with the North Miami Beach police department this long? He has been removed from road patrol—but he should never have a gun in his hand again.


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