Images of Washington Washington Football Team wide receiver Terrelle Pryor flipping his middle finger at a Kansas City Chiefs fan on Monday night circulated widely on social media.

Deadspin reports that the athlete explained on Instagram that the heckler called him the N-word and used other abusive language at him, which prompted the response.

A TMZ video shows Pryor walking through the tunnel to his team’s dressing room. Someone is heard shouting F-you and other obscenities to the wide receiver, who turns around and explodes in anger. He begins walking toward the racist heckler, as an NFL employee holds him back.

In his post, Pryor said that situation is “the exact reason why guys are kneeling during the anthem.”

Pryor said team unity prevented him from not kneeling during the national anthem. He apologized to his teammates and the organization for his response to the racist fan.

“But at some point you keep calling us The N word, we going to start acting up,” he added.

SOURCE:  Deadspin


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