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After clashing on Twitter, our favorite homegirl and political pundit Angela Rye and one-term former lllinois Congressman Joe Walsh met for round 2 of their debate on CNN on Wednesday. And by the looks of it, Rye was not having any of Walsh’s racist comments about her or the former President Obama.

Now the drama all started on on Tuesday when Rye pointed out on CNN the numerous scandals Trump has endured in a mere 70 days in office to little criticism from the GOP, meanwhile former President Obama had to be pretty much perfect when he was in office. For her it was all about the double standard: “Barack Obama had to be the next best thing to Jesus” and the Republicans still criticized him.

Given that Walsh lacks “reading comprehension” skills, his Twitter fingers got all riled up to misquote Rye, accusing her of literally comparing Obama to Jesus himself.

While Walsh later apologized for misquoting her, he made matters worse by tweeting that the bar was lowered for Obama when he was president because he was Black.”

Watching the drama unfold on the Internet the folks over at CNN thought they could recreate the beef, but Rye stressed on Wednesday that she wasn’t there to address Walsh, Salon noted.

“I’m not talking to bigots, Joe,” Rye said, after host Brooke Baldwin asked her to respond to one of his statements.

Rye continued, addressing Baldwin directly: “You all decided to give Joe Walsh a platform today. I’m not giving him the time of day. I’m interested in having conversations, Brooke, that will move racial — people of all races forward in this country. I’m interested in having a conversation that will help us to admit the wrongs that were done in this country and how we move forward.”

“I am not interested in trying to convince and change the mind of a bigot. Someone who will openly troll me and say things that are offensive, that he knows are not true.”

Finally Rye did address Walsh: “Did you or did you not say that the standard was lower because he was Black?” Rye asked.

Walsh admitted that he did and the 37-year-old lawyer quickly stated, “That’s what makes you a bigot, Joe.

As the host Brooke Baldwin asked Walsh to explain his statements, Rye later snapped: “Are you going to say something while your mouth is moving?” she asked him.

Walsh then tried to say that Obama hadn’t been vetted or criticized “like all of our other presidents,”  but Rye wasn’t having any of that either.

“Oh my god, are you kidding me?” she exclaimed on-air.

“I am tired of people telling me that black people are beneath a standard when we have to be twice as good all the time. I’m not interested in having a dialogue with someone like Joe, who has demonstrated a propensity towards bigotry, and he did that on Twitter yesterday, in 140 characters or less.”

Preach Angela!



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