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Subway sign; New York City, New York, United States of America

Source: Keith Levit / Getty

With all the built-up tension in the world today, sadly, it’s almost inevitable someone will explode at the wrong place and wrong time.

The Daily Mail reports that two NYC Subway passengers on a line passing through the Bronx were arguing over who had the rights to a seat in a crowded car. According to reports, the man got aggressive with the woman after she complained about him stealing her seat.

In the footage, the irate man can be heard saying, “You a man or you a woman? I don’t know what you are. Back the f*** out of here, b****. I got your seat, b****.” 

After the woman allegedly threw a punch at the man, fellow passengers chimed in, saying things like, “You are not going to hit a woman,” “She’s a woman” and “My kid is right here.”

But the angry man felt no remorse, telling the woman, “You want to be a man, that’s what you get.” As the subway stopped at the 138th Street stop, another male passenger started fighting the seat stealer. After the altercation, which moved its way dangerously close to the train tracks, the original angry seat stealer walked away from the platform, despite passengers’ pleas for him to wait for authorities.

Check out footage from the subway mayhem.

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