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A divided party indeed.

Chaos erupted on the Republican National Convention floor Monday afternoon as anti-Trump delegates made a final stand to force a protest vote against the presumptive presidential nominee, CNN reports.

The last-minute effort by delegates from Washington D.C., Colorado, Utah, Maine, Virginia, and more was met with uproar and a floor protest after Arkansas Rep. Steve Womack approved the convention rules by voice vote, twice. The delegates argued they had enough signatures to set the protest vote into motion, calling for a roll call vote.

From CNN:

A group of anti-Trump delegates submitted signatures to try to force a vote on the rules of the convention — a procedure normally done quietly at the start of each convention.

The rules were adopted by voice vote shortly after 4 p.m., then after frantic protests, a second voice vote was taken as Trump opponents shouted repeatedly for a roll call vote. The convention chairman then said there were not enough signatures to force the roll call.

Opponents of the rules package were backed by Ted Cruz allies including Virginia’s Ken Cuccinelli and Utah Sen. Mike Lee. They have been fighting to change the procedures for the 2020 presidential election, including trying to close primaries and caucuses from non-Republicans. Such a move would presumably help a party favorite like Cruz, who lose [sic] to the outsider Trump this year.

Shortly after the chaos erupted, Donald Trump took to Twitter to bash CNN for their coverage:

His tweet came after son Donald Trump Jr.‘s critique of Sen. Lee and Cuccinelli, where he called for the end of their careers.

While many believe the #NeverTrump groups are more concerned about preventing Trump from becoming the nominee, their calls may be more nuanced.

From RT:

“There is no convention, the highest authority of the Republican Party, until the delegates arrive and effectively create it,” Delegates Unbound said in a statement. “In the same way one Congress cannot bind a future Congress to adopt certain policies or programs, it defies all sense to suggest that the convention that creates and governs the Republican Party can somehow be bound by rules established by a previous convention.”

For more on the RNC, visit NewsOne‘s politics blog, PolitickerOne.



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