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It’s WTH?! time on NewsOne Now, where we break down all the craziest stories trending in the news.

This week, Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, is joined by media personalities Autumn Joy, Lamont King, and Ashley Demi.

We kick things off in Florida with a pet shop heist: Travis Treder was arrested after he attempted to steal a baby python from a pet store by stuffing the slithering animal down his pants.

Treder, a known pet shop thief, was stopped in his attempt to lift the snake by an employee and was detained long enough for police to arrive on the scene and arrest him.

Running from police officers is not a good idea, especially if you are buck naked. New video captured a bizarre police chase where a naked man eluded cops during a hilarious foot chase.

Lamont King believes the officers on the scene may have not wanted to take down a naked suspect for fear of “his meats slapping you all up in the face.” 

The Hong Kong marketing division of KFC has taken Colonel Sanders’ trademarked phrase “finger licking good” a bit too far. The fried chicken vendor recently announced they are developing a nail polish that smells and tastes like chicken. Many may be wondering if the new nail polish flavor will come in original or crispy.

The “eat corn with a drill” challenge has gone viral and claimed its first victim. One challenger had her hair snatched clean off her head while attempting to complete the challenge.

Video captured at the scene shows a woman’s hair getting caught around the drill and leaving a plug in her head approximately the width of a grapefruit.

Check out all of these crazy stories in the video clip above.

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