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Flint Ministers Endorse Hillary Clinton Citing her Response to the Water Crisis

Hillary Clinton Attends Community Meeting On Water Crisis In Flint, Michigan

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Following Hillary Clinton’s trip to Flint, Michigan, to listen and learn from the community, elected officials, and faith leaders about the water crisis, Rev. Hubert Miller, Rev. Al Harris and Bishop Rogers L. Jones Sr. endorsed Clinton citing that she is the only presidential candidate to travel to Flint and the first to bring attention to the crisis. In addition, Hillary for America released the following video highlighting the need for action.

Earlier this month, Clinton called on Governor Snyder to request aid from the Obama administration. Within days, the Governor finally filed a request after weeks of stonewalling. Clinton also sent two senior staffers to Flint to meet with the Mayor and others to determine what was needed to rebuild the city’s infrastructure and provide long-term health care and educational support to the children affected by the crisis. When Clinton was in Flint, she pledged not to let America forget what was happening there, and to help the city rise again. And just yesterday, Clinton encouraged supporters to donate to the Flint Child Health and Development Fund at FlintKids.org, and asked Hillary for America volunteers to deliver water to residents.


”Secretary Clinton has certainly aided us in bringing added political attention to our plight in the City of Flint, causing other politicians to move legislation on this subject, and vowing to do everything within her power to assist Flint in recovering from this sinful social experiment we call the Flint Water Crisis,” said Rev. Hubert Miller.

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“I thank God for Hillary Clinton’s recent visit to Flint, Michigan.  She didn’t use the ‘water crisis’ as a platform to further her political agenda,” said Rev. Al Harris. “I was overwhelmed by her sincere love and compassion for the people of Flint, as she pledged her full support in doing everything it takes to make our fractured community whole.  Her voice was more than that of a politician, it was the voice of a humanitarian.”

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“Voters have the chance to choose one of the most broadly and deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern history,” said Bishop Rogers L. Jones Sr. “One of the most impressive selfless gestures that were shown from Mrs. Clinton was setting her most valued time aside during her campaign, the most crucial time in New Hampshire, to come see about the people in Flint, Michigan.  No other candidates have shown their presence during this entire water crisis that we are facing. She vowed to help our people and not turn her back on us nor forget about us.”

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