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Two men have been arrested in relation to an attack that took place at a luxury hotel in the capital of Mali last week that claimed the lives of 20 people. During the incident, two gunmen entered the hotel and fired at security guards and people sitting in a breakfast dining area. Malian troops entered the building to rescue guests and hotel staff. The two shooters were killed at the scene. According to reports, two more suspects associated with the incident were apprehended in Bamako. There have been no details released regarding the extent of their involvement in the shooting. “Questioning of these suspects will shed more light on the motivations of the perpetrators of the sordid terrorist attack perpetrated,” said army Major Modibo Naman Traore in a statement. Twenty people from seven countries were killed. Read more.

#BlackLivesMatter Activist Attacked at Trump Rally Will Press Charges

A #BlackLivesMatter protester who was attacked by Donald Trump supporters at a recent rally in Birmingham, Alabama is looking to press charges against those who got physical with him, as well as Trump himself. Mercutio Southall was kicked and dragged at the rally while supporters shouted racial slurs. “He has to bear at least a moral responsibility,” said Southall’s lawyer, David Gespass. “If someone is aiding and abetting an offense, they are equally responsible for it. The question is whether Trump telling his supporters, ‘Get him the hell out of here’ qualifies. I recognize that it could be a stretch, and I’d be surprised the authorities would agree to criminal liability, but it would warm the cockles of my heart.” He said that authorities should take Trump’s track record of racial discrimination into consideration while examining this case. Following the incident, Trump told reporters that Southall deserved what happened to him. Read more.

The Washington Washington Football Team Receive Backlash for Thanksgiving Tweet

The Washington Washington Football Team have always been at the center of controversy due to the racial connotation of their name and logo. The football franchise is in hot water yet again after they sent out a tweet that caused a lot of backlash. The team tweeted ‘Wishing you and your family a Happy #Thanksgiving’ with an image of their logo; a Native American in a headdress. “I absolutely love the lack of self awareness in this tweet. God bless the Internet,” read one response. “Well this is awkward…,” read another. The franchise found themselves in the same situation when they tweeted a similar photo last year. Read more.


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