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Eleven years ago, Shay Sharpe felt a lump on her breast she didn’t quite brush off, but didn’t think it was breast cancer because she was only 26-years-old. Turns out she did. And just a few years after beating the cancer and founding “Shay Sharpe’s Pink Wishes” where she grants wishes of others battling the disease, Sharpe was shocked when it recently returned. “How could I have cancer again? I grant wishes. I’m not supposed to be sick. How can I be,” she said.

Dion Berlack on the other hand ignored the lump in her breast for a bit, but described the discovery as a lump that “changed her life forever.”

Neither woman ever expected to be affected by breast cancer, and for that reason they both agreed: Set an alarm, schedule appointments, mark it as “girls day off” and pamper yourself… how ever you have to do it, check your breasts!

Watch the Baltimore survivors share their stories below as a part of our Breast Cancer Awareness Month #SurvivorStories series: