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Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush believes the Ferguson and Baltimore protests were caused by a lack of “mentoring” and parenting.

According to, during a Q&A with employees of a pharmaceutical company, Bush made the following comments:

“Kids in this country are aimlessly wandering around in their lives because they’ve never been told they were capable of learning. They’ve never been challenged to achieve far better. They’ve never really had the kind of mentoring and nurturing that gives them the sense their lives could be better. You see what happens in Baltimore and Ferguson. You see the tragedies play out. You see people becoming so despondent they take actions that are horrific.”

On Thursday, NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory and the Straight Talk Panel discussed Bush’s interesting remarks, during which he never took the time to acknowledge the untimely deaths of Mike Brown and Freddie Gray at the hands of police that preceded the social unrest.

Bush did not even address the way police in those communities have shown a history of racial bias against African-American residents as potential triggers leading up to the protests.

Watch the NewsOne Now conversation regarding the highly insensitive remarks made by former Florida Governor and 2016 GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush in the video clip above.

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