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Donald Trump isn’t letting up from his statements on immigration, defending his disparaging comments in a Wednesday interview with CNN’s Don Lemon.

The businessman has faced a substantial amount of backlash after he called Mexican immigrants “rapists,” claiming immigration reform was the biggest problem in the country. During his interview with Lemon, the 2016 presidential candidate said he isn’t worried about big companies like Macy’s and Univision cutting ties after his gross comments.

CNN reports:

“If you go to Fusion, you will see a story: About 80% of the women coming in, you know who owns Fusion?” he said. “Univision! Go to Fusion and pick up the stories on rape. It’s unbelievable when you look at what’s going on. So all I’m doing is telling the truth,” Trump said. “Well, somebody’s doing the raping, Don! I mean somebody’s doing it! Who’s doing the raping? Who’s doing the raping?”

After NBC dropped Trump’s Miss USA competition, The Reelz Channel announced this week the show will air on their network. Despite general opinion, the business mogul is number two in a recent GOP presidential candidates poll after presidential contender Jeb Bush. Trump says the amount of support isn’t surprising; he’s found a new market of fans in the world of golf.

“I’ve had tremendous support from the golf world, because they all know I’m right,” Trump told Golf Channel’s Tim Rosaforte. “I’ve been great to golf. I’ve been investing while everybody else was fleeing.”

He added: “I have Mexicans and South Americans working for me all over the country and believe me, they love me and I love them,” Trump told Rosaforte. “I think they’re great. I’ve had great support and I haven’t heard one negative thing and frankly I don’t expect to.”

Residents in New York, however, have decided to boycott the Ferry Point Golf Course in the Bronx. Supporters claim the park, estimated at $230 million, has taxes paid by plenty of Mexican Americans.

Over 4,500 people have signed the petition to be sent to Mayor Bill de Blasio.



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