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A 302-pound South Carolina man has been cuffed and charged with with disorderly conduct for allegedly striking a Burger King worker over the head with a food tray during a dispute over cold onion rings, The Smoking Gun reports.

Kristopher Wiggins, 32, was taken into custody last week in connection to the incident that took place on Jan. 29 in the small town of Santee. He was freed on $5,000 bond. A March 20 trial date has been set for Wiggins on a misdemeanor charge. Local police say that Wiggins became “loud and boisterous and did throw a food tray and food items” at Burger King worker Framon Frasier. His glasses were broken during the attack.

Wiggins flipped out because his girlfriend allegedly balked at accepting onion rings that were in a warmer “because they would be cold.” Frasier, 34, told the cops that he assured the woman that he would not serve her cold onion rings. Wiggins told the worker that his girlfriend should get a refund, which prompted Frasier to repeat his statement that he would not serve the woman cold onion rings.

Wiggins, feeling that his girlfriend was disrespected, allegedly struck Frasier over the head with a food tray.

As part of his release, Wiggins cannot return to Burger King.

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