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GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney delivered the closing speech Thursday night at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. It was, perhaps, his most important moment during his campaign for president.

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While he roused up the audience with his typically empty boasts and bloated projections for the future of America, the former governor didn’t share how he plans to turn the country around nor did he offer any countering measure to President Barack Obama’s plans.

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The Obama campaign has released a video showing just how off the mark Romney was and gave Democrats some much needed ammunition heading into the fall.

Missing from Romney’s speech was how Massachusetts was 47th out of 50 in job growth during his time as governor. Romney also neglected to mention how his state piled up more debt than any in the nation and there’s certainly no mention of the tax cuts he intends to give to the wealthy.

There’s also that pesky Medicare issue that Romney likes to skirt past. Like the parts that end the program’s helpful benefits by replacing guaranteed funds with vouchers, potentially costing retirees an extra $6,400 per year. Cuts to K-12 funding and to college grants programs, which figure prominently in the Romney-Ryan budget plans, were also not mentioned during last night’s speech. Not much of a surprise there.

Watch the entire clip put together by the Obama For America campaign below: