Radio talk-show host Larry Young received the Whitney Young Award from the Greater Baltimore Urban League at their annual gala at the Waterfront Marriott Hotel in Baltimore City recently. Courtesy Photo

The value of a public servant is measured not in a single event, but in the body of work throughout life. WOLB radio host Larry Young has been bestowed many awards for public service in his lifetime and has been a tireless public servant for the citizens on Baltimore. Most recently, he received The Whitney Young Award from the Greater Baltimore Urban League at its annual gala held at the Waterfront Marriott Hotel. The late Whitney Young is the former executive director of the National Urban League and is considered by many as one of the greatest civil rights leaders this nation has seen. He fought for equal pay for equal work and fought against discrimination in the workforce in the building trades and other industries. He was considered a pioneer with respect to economic empowerment for African Americans achieving greater parity in the American economy.

“It is indeed an honor to have been selected to receive the Whitney Young Award from the Greater Baltimore Urban League,” said Young. “As I reflect back on the civil rights era and the accomplishments African Americans have made, the name Whitney Young resurrects the spirit of a man who fought to eliminate injustice and a man who spoke truth to power. I can only hope that my life’s work reflects the same inspiration and passion to improve the human condition.”

It is with that same spirit of service that Young was so honored by the Greater Baltimore Urban League. The WOLB radio talk show host has been more than a mere voice behind the microphone. The 1967 graduate from Edmondson High School began serving in the Maryland State General Assembly as a member of the House of Delegates where he spent 13 years as a delegate from the 44th Legislative District. He later spent 10 years …

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