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By Zerlina Maxwell

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman patiently waited his turn, and now it seems he’s finally getting his chance to “surge” in the GOP presidential nomination fight, as today, voters head to the polls in the New Hampshire primary.

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The former ambassador to China under President Obama, Huntsman has struggled to gain any ground since leaving his post in Beijing early last year and announcing his candidacy. Nationally, Huntsman has never gotten out of the low single digits, and in his strongest state (and the only one he’s really campaigning in,) New Hampshire, Huntsman is in third place at 16 percent, behind Mitt Romney and Congressman Ron Paul of Texas.

Finally feeling some momentum, with his slight uptick in the polls, Huntsman is ready for a top three finish that he desperately needs, to avoid becoming a Republican presidential primary footnote like Herman Cain.

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