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With all the Occupy Movements rising up across the country, one in particular hasn’t received major media attention because its building up in a neighborhood and not a city.

In the historic, African American neighborhood of Harlem, many have taken to the streets to protest economic injustice and launch “Occupy Harlem.”

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Harlem Fightback Against War at Home and Abroad, along with the Peoples Organization for Progress and others, will kick off the occupation process tonight, October 28, with a mass meeting at St. Philips Church, on 134th Street, in Harlem.

Organizer Nellie Bailey says “there’s a desperate need to focus on Wall Street’s total economic strangulation of our communities.”

That also requires confronting the “supine leadership of black communities, not only in Harlem, but nationwide — what we at Black Agenda Report call the “black misleadership class.” In Harlem, that means Congressman Charles Rangel who, as Ms. Bailey puts it, “has been in office for well over 40 years, and has received more money from the real estate industry than any other person in Congress.” Rangel and too many other black officials are beholden to the very plutocrats that rule New York City and its political life.

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