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A new CBS News poll shows that a majority of Americans want more taxes on rich people.

Sixty four percent of Americans want more taxes on people making more than a million dollars a year, while 30 percent want the taxes on the rich to stay the same.

The poll shows support for President Obama’s “Buffett Rule” named after the billionaire who also believes that the rich should be taxed more.

Pay Up! Obama Embraces “Buffett Rule” Seeking New Taxes On Rich

Billionaire Warren Buffett Calls For More Taxes On The Rich

CBS reports:

Perhaps not surprisingly, those with higher incomes were less inclined to say increasing taxes on the wealthy would be the best option. Nevertheless, as many as 46 percent of Americans making more than $100,000 said it was the best option — 26 points higher than the next-preferred option, cutting defense spending.

The poll comes as Congress considers a future vote to raise the national debt ceiling. Several Republicans are hoping to use the debt ceiling vote as leverage to pass spending cuts. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Sunday threatened to vote against raising the debt ceiling unless Social Security is reformed. He cited some means of reforming the program that have gained bipartisan support such as raising the retirement age — a move that would cut off Social Security for a segment of the population.

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