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NEW YORK- An African-American man who works as a dog trainer for a 44-year-old model turned housewife and socialite, claims that she demanded sex from him and fired him when he refused.

Westley Artope, who worked as a dog trainer for Paige Bluhdorn, resisted her advances.

Both Artope and Bludorn are married, Bluhdorn to movie producer, Paul Bluhdorn who’s father founded MGM Studios.

The New York Post reports:

“She exposed herself . . . She told me to sit on the bed next to her, but I didn’t. She was propositioning me,” Artope said of his boss, who’s served on the advisory board of the School of American Ballet alongside Chelsea Clinton and Sarah Jessica Parker and hobnobs with her husband in the Hamptons with the likes of Mayor Bloomberg.

One time, even after Artope’s repeated spurns, Paige took the dog trainer for a ride, grabbed his hand and said “that she wanted to sleep with me,” he said.

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