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Tick Tick tick.. that is what greets each of us every day of our lives. It is the sound of time ebbing away. What we do and how we manage that time  is completely up to us. There are exactly 86400 seconds in each day. It never changes. It’s exact.

Unfortunately, many of us do not manage  the time that is given to us. We either commit to too much or don’t commit at all. We  mope about the “could have beens”  and “should have beens”.  Now is the time to shake all that off.

A new book has been written about  how to manage those seconds  of  your lives to create your best life ever. After all, you are the maestro of your   life clock.   No one can ever do a better job with your time  than you can. Some of us have never been given the tools to manage  our life clocks. We struggle with things that either burden us down or  wear us out.

Ms. Lavaille Lavette has written a step by step guide on how to deal with all the emotional demands, psychological baggage and troubled tears we all incur on our person daily.  Her book begins by looking at the practical. Who are we  in the world.  On these pages you  may awaken to a discovery that you are not using your full potential. This is where the author excels. She brings  you out of the dark with practical practices that you can break into sections.

So, 86400: Manage Your Purpose to Make Every Second of Each Day Count is about maximizing the potential of each day.  You will definitely discover what the  10 characteristics to a life more reflective of your divine purpose. We are not here to just toil without purpose.

You may order  the book here  for  your kindle or nook.

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