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Happiness is often misinterpreted as something that depends of material things. That is not true happiness but only worldly rewards. That is a child’s interpretation

As you mature wisdom gives you the ability to understand that true happiness is much deeper than possessions.  True happiness is  the embracing  of genuine self and awareness of life.Happiness has different meanings for every person. It starts with the quest to make a decision on how to be happy.

Grant to us, O Lord, the royalty of inward happiness, and the serenity which comes from living close to thee. Daily renew in us the sense of joy, and let the eternal spirit of the Father dwell in our souls and bodies, filling every corner of our hearts with light and grace; so that, bearing about with us the infection of good courage, we may be diffusers of life, and may meet all ills and cross accidents with gallant and high-hearted happiness, giving thee thanks always for all things.

Before you can learn how to be happy, you first need to define what happiness means to you and then you can seek it out. Often the most difficult decisions are made because we finally decide we no longer want to be miserable. I once had a musician tell me. “In life there are no real problems. Just stop, think and remove. There no problem.”  Yes, there are difficult challenges in life. Many of those are obstacles are the result of things that we choose to hold on to that are no longer for us.  That is why each day we must resolve to set forth in our spirit to be all that the Creator calls us to be.

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