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Republicans see Tuesday’s elections as a mandate – an unequivocal message from the voters that they want the Obama administration’s policies reversed. But the GOP had better be careful — because it is not a Republican mandate.

Voters want to end unrestricted federal spending and trillion-dollar deficits continuing far into the future. They want to stop all tax increases that they know can only hurt the economy and strangle the creation of the millions of jobs that Americans need.

They want no more bailouts for the favored few big businesses. No more Government Motors. They want to free the country to produce more energy — shale gas, oil, solar, wind, geothermal, coal, nuclear — whatever the genius of America can find. But they don’t want to be punished and taxed for some preferred government solution.

They want common sense put back into our health care system. They want a system that is likely to lower the cost of their insurance and health care, but allows them to keep what they have if it works for them. They want competition, choices, transparency and definitely no mandates, forced changes to their insurance and no more government controls.

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