Rev. Jesse Jackson

When prayers go up blessings come down and we are half way there as the family of Reverend Jesse Jackson has shared the blessed news that the matriarch of the Jackson family, Reverend Jesse Jackson’s wife Mrs. Jacqueline Jackson has been released from the hospital  after she and Reverend Jackson were admitted after testing positive […]

Roland Martin and Rev. Jackson discuss the challenges facing Black America under a Trump presidency.

homegoing service was attended by legendary members of the Black press like Les Payne and Ed Gordon. Kemba Smith — who was profiled nationally by Curry in Emerge magazine — and Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., spoke during the services, honoring the life of Curry.

Longtime journalist and champion of the Black press, George Curry, passed away on Saturday of a heart attack in Maryland at the age of 69.

Roland Martin and a select panel of guests discussed the home-going service and the celebration of Ali.

In 1988, Rev. Jesse Jackson ran for the Democratic presidential nomination, but Governor Michael Dukakis ultimately won the spot. Jackson mesmerized and galvanized many voters during the ’88 campaign, just as Sen. Bernie Sanders has done in 2016. Rev. Jackson understood that in order to increase his leverage and have an impact on the Democratic Party going […]

Roland Martin and NewsOne Now preview the commemoration of the Million Man March and the Justice or Else rally in Washington D.C.

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now via phone to discuss the Emanuel AME massacre that claimed the lives of nine worshipers.…

It has ben 32 years since Chicago had a mayor of African decent. Harold Washington was elected in 1983 and passed away while in office…

A constellation of stars from the holy and secular world came out to pay homage to the supremely talented gospel giant Andraé  Crouch, who was laid…