Have you ever been to a wedding and wondered  why you were participating in  the ritual?  Most brides and grooms  have no idea where many things come from. The upcoming movie  JUMPING THE BROOM is a hilarious comedy that tackles the wedding ceremony that forces two divergent families to get along.  Today the  world is […]

Let’s just face it: life can be pretty overwhelming at times. If you are holding down every aspect of your life: family, social life, career, love/sex, spiritual life etc. – then you know what it’s like for relationships and situations to constantly evolve, grow, move and change. Yet, life can quickly carry us away, leaving […]

Closure, that unpopular C-word that leaves otherwise sane people feeling stuck. Moving on from what was once an important piece of your life can be a difficult or painful thing to do. Without proper closure there may be sleepless nights, worrying and those awful “what if” questions pondering through your thoughts… not a great feeling […]

We all want to think positive. No one wants to be that person that people run away from. We all want to love lives that can be reflective of what we wish to do in our lives. Joy, happiness, and forward thinking should be your mantra. If we are creatures of a loving God why […]

Praying for friendships is one the most important things we can do in life. Without true friends we are bound in a world of loneliness missing God’s love in simple things. When we are children it mattered greatky whether someone liked us. We based our world on the people who did and did not like […]

Couples Alert!- Have you ever heard of the term the “7 year itch”? A recent UK study conducted for Warner Bros to promote the film, “Hall Pass” in UK theaters discovered couples tolerance for one another has decreased from 7 years  to 36 months.

In order to experience happiness and contentment with others, you must be unconditionally and authentically in love with the “self” – not selfish – but empowered and secure enough to know how to give and receive love.  When we master the love of self, find happiness in our accomplishments, understand our needs and are comfortable […]

Cheryl Lacey Donovan delivers an empowering and life-changing book titled, Women, What the Hell Are You Thinking Now? Through the pages of this book, Donovan seeks to help women look inside themselves for the change they want to see in their lives.

WASHINGTON – If a crying woman’s red nose isn’t a big enough turnoff to a man, a surprising experiment found another reason: Tears of sadness may temporarily lower his testosterone level. Those tears send a chemical signal as the man gets close enough to sniff them — even though there’s no discernible odor, say researchers […]

I’ve been on the shelf in my dating life for a little while now. Not just me but a few of my closest friends as well. But I’ve decided it’s time to get off of the shelf, dust off and get back out in the dating world. 5. I love my son more than anyone […]