52 percent of Americans disapprove of professional athletes who have protested by refusing to stand during the national anthem.

The Wonkblog over at the Washington Post has a pretty interesting write-up of new research from the Public Religion Research Institute. In a study of race and friendship, PRRI found that…

2013 was a banner year for black movies, television and music. For example, films like “12 Years a Slave,” “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” and “Fruitvale…

Mirlande Wilson, who works at a McDonald’s in Maryland, claims she holds one of the winning tickets from the record Mega Millions jackpot. But while Wilson has done plenty of talking about the winning ticket, she has yet to produce any evidence. If what she claims is true, should she be forced to share her […]

The scandal happening over at University Miami wasn’t the only ugly thing in the spotlight when the Terps played the Hurricanes on Monday. While the University of Maryland defeated the shorthanded Hurricanes 32-24 in Maryland coach Randy Edsall’s debut game more attention was given to Maryland’s new uniforms, and not good attention either. It became […]

Men’s Health Magazine published a report ranking Baltimore as the second angriest city in the nation. How in the world did they come up with that? Well they considered the number of aggravated assaults, the number of people with high blood pressure and the amount of time spent in rush hour. Check out the top […]