LeBron James is not shy when it comes to showing love to his wife, Savannah.

Principal Nadia Lopez has earned recognition for her inspirational programs. She's even more determined to steer her students on the path to success.

The Obama administration unveiled details of a plan to curb chronic absenteeism. A core of mentors in several major cities will work with at-risk students, along with an ad campaign targeting parents.

What is a reverse mentorship? A reverse mentorship exists when a young, most times tech savvy millennial, “front line” employee is utilized to teach the…

The dehumanization of African American children has long been an issue in our country. The similarities between stories like Emmett Till’s and Trayvon Martin’s illustrate that…

Have you ever met a person and thought, “I want to be like that when I grow up”?  Mentoring is a fancy word for “example.” It’s a person who’s hands-on in your life and sets an example.  There are various places to find mentors. Some moms find them when they join play groups or support […]