A new healthcare reform plan would allow states to eliminate protections for individuals who have pre-existing health conditions.

Via  Business are now receiving letters from the IRS on how the new healthcare laws will be implemented. Some employers are looking at how they will have some of their part-time employees classified as full-time and will have to provide health care. Failure to comply with Obamacare can result in fines. Read More. $1 Million Donations […]

Via  Maryland received the green light from the federal government establish a health insurance exchange. “Obamacare” as it is called, has made this possible. The change will not take effect until 2014. Read More.  10 Things To Do In New York City Over The Holidays Freedom Fighters: Natalie and Derrica Wilson, Founders Of Black […]

Via Fox A new Congressional analysis of ObamaCare says fewer Americans will be insured under the plan than first thought because the Supreme Court tossed out a piece of the “Affordable Healthcare Act.” However, this change could end up saving states a lot of money. Under the original bill, states would have been required […]

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World AIDS Day was yesterday and the Q was throughout the Q-munity stressing the importance of HIV testing. Well Chase-Brexton Health Services in Mt. Vernon, located at 10 W. Eager St., offers HIV testing every day of the week for FREE, and you can remain anonymous. Plus you will have the results in only 20 […]


Via: National healthcare reform is expected to save the state $829 million over the next ten years and provide coverage to nearly 350,000 people. The plan will provide insurance to half of the state’s uninsured. Nearly 40 percent of Marylanders, about 700,000 people, are currently uninsured. That will fall to about 6.7 percent with […]