Via Foxbaltimore.com  Police are piecing together clues from a Sunday morning shooting that left two people injured and one dead. The shootings occurred at a neighborhood club and in the neighborhood. Neighbors want answers and want the club shut down. Read More.  Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Celebrates Centennial Obama Administration Responds To Secession Petitions: No Colin Powell Checks His […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com  On Friday Baltimore City Police told residents of a Baltimore City complex to evacuate the building. Police were pursuing a man who made a makeshift blow torch and tried to set an officer on fire. The residents want answers as to what actually occurred. Read More.  Baby Shower Ends In 200-Person Brawl 300-Pound Woman Falls […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com  Business are now receiving letters from the IRS on how the new healthcare laws will be implemented. Some employers are looking at how they will have some of their part-time employees classified as full-time and will have to provide health care. Failure to comply with Obamacare can result in fines. Read More. $1 Million Donations […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com  City Councilman Carl Stokes said he has enough of wasteful spending by the city of Baltimore. Stokes claims the wasteful spending has come from the convention center hotel, and city employee injury payouts that need a closer looking into. Is the city spending too much and how will it affect Baltimore. Read More. […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com People are more likely to bee killed by bare hands than an assault rifle. But, Lawmakers are pulling together to initiate a ban on assault weapons. Assault with rifles are just a fraction of the killings in the United States. Read More.  2nd Bank Robber Who Escaped From Chicago High-Rise Prison Captured Slaves […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com Maryland’s General Assembly will gather soon and possible proposals are being discussed across the state. One in particular is from a state panel developing rules for natural gas drilling in western Maryland. The advisory commission meets Monday in Annapolis. Read More. NYC Teen Reportedly Killed For Expensive Winter Coat 12-Year-Old B-Ball Star Collapses During League Game […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com  The President of NRA was asked to changed his position on gun law. Politicians and activists are working toward solutions to prevent tragedy. NRA wants armed guards in schools. Read More. Zimmerman Sued For Allegedly Not Paying For Bodyguard Services 2 Firefighters Shot Dead In Ambush At Blazing NY Home Dr. Cornel West: […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com People are concerned about their rights to bear arms and are scared it will taken away. Assault rifles are flying off the walls at gun stores. There have been many phone calls and a lot of traffic after the call for gun control was announced by President Obama. Read More.   Marion Barry […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com It started as a traffic stop then turned fatal. Anthony Hammond Jr. had eight arrest warrants  when he was pulled over by a Maryland State Trooper around 1 A.M. on Thursday. Hammond fled his vehicle and ran to his sister’s house. The trooper followed him on foot. Read More. Hater Alert! Palin Questions […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com  A woman called a Baltimore Shomrim(Jewish Community Patrol) by accident, a misdial that saved her life. She and her Children were trapped in a storage unit and the Shomrim tried to figure out where she was exactly. When he asked her if she was in MD she replied no. How did the call for help come […]