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It’s no secret that with the election of Trump, white supremacy and racially-motivated hate crimes/actions are at an all-time high, which also now includes Halloween costumes. In the latest case of “our pain is their entertainment,” a group of white students decided to mock Freddie Gray’s death by wearing a ridiculously offensive Halloween costume. […]

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Charges against the three remaining officers in the Freddie Gray case have been dropped...

Baltimore votes in Democratic primary (Catherine Pugh) one year after losing Freddie Gray & the riots that followed his death by injuries sustained from being in police custody.

Baltimore jurors are hung on all four charges against officer William Porter; his trial has been declared a mistrial. He was the first of six…

Hundreds of young people turned out to voice concerns about life growing up in Baltimore City. The National Action Network created a forum for dialogue between Baltimore youth and leaders of the City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland. The leaders in attendance included President of the NAN Rev. Al Sharpton, Larry Young, Sen. […]

Two correctional officers have been suspended without pay after being charged with looting during the Baltimore riots surrounding the death of Freddie Gray. Officers Tamika Cobb, 29, and Kendra Richard, 28, were charged Wednesday with theft, second-degree burglary and fourth-degree burglary. The charges came following a tip on April 30 alleging the two officers were […]

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings- Blake announced Sunday morning the area curfew has been lifted. In a statement the Mayor said: Effective immediately, I have rescinded my order instituting a city-wide curfew.  My goal has always been to not have the curfew in place a single day longer than was necessary. My number one priority in […]

Friday morning Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced in a press conference that Freddie Gray‘s death has been ruled a homicide and all arresting officers have been charged. Charges range from second-degree murder to manslaughter. Warrants have been issued for the six arresting officers. One officer, the driver of the police van, has been charged with […]

After the release of Freddie Gray’s case findings to the state Attorney, information released by the medical examiners office indicate that Freddie Grey’s fatal spinal injury, happened while he was obtained inside the back of the police van. Grey, who died a week after he was taken into police custody, was seen being dragged into a Baltimore Police van […]