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One of the leading faces of MSNBC has announced his upcoming departure. Brian Williams, anchor of “The 11th Hour,” is stepping away from the cable news station and NBC News after his contract expires in December of this year. He is best known for succeeding Tom Brokaw as anchor of “NBC Nightly News.” From WEWS […]

We all have seen challenges on social media like the Ice Bucket Challenge and Milk Crate Challenge, some of us have even tried these challenges for reasons of for charity or just simply to do it from the Gram however some these challenges are flat out ridiculous  if not dangerous and cruel.  Kind of like […]

Halloween is that time of year when grown kids like to dress up and go Trick or Treating, teenagers as well as young adults love to hit the Haunted Houses and all ages love to watch scary movie classics like all the ‘Halloween’ movies with Michael Myers, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ with Freddy Krueger, ‘Friday the […]

The world is going to hell in a hand basket.  You know you have to be careful with who you leave your children with but the same rule applies to your dog too!? It is being reported that a Florida Veterinarian has been sentenced to 22 years in prison after pleading guilty to child pornography and animal […]

As sickening as it was for the world to see George Floyd being murdered by a now ex-Minneapolis consisted murder police officer, the worlds eyes were opened to racism first hand or better yet the wrong doing of those that are supposed to protect and serve us.  But whats even sicker than witnessing the inhuman […]

It seems everybody now days have a hustle to help makes ends meet.  Some professions/professionals you wouldn’t think need a hustle because they make pretty good money, in the the case of the medical professional unfortunately because of the COVID-19 pandemic they have the opportunity to make plenty of money in overtime and some doing […]

A planned reality competition show on network television is now changing its format and approach after intense social media backlash. CBS has announced it will not go forward with a program called ‘The Activist’ that was supposed to debut on Oct. 22 for a five-episode run. It was also supposed to be hosted by Usher, […]

After the disaster that has become the experiment of now-disgraced executive producer Mike Richards as the main host, one of the most iconic game shows is trying a different approach before replacing the replacement. The studio behind ‘Jeopardy!’ has reportedly decided on having two famous figures with ties to the show fill in for the […]

Actor, writer and comedian Norm Macdonald, who is known for having a deadpan style in his stand-up act, has died after a secret battle with cancer. He is best known for his five-year stint on NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ from 1993 to ’98.  Four of those seasons was where Macdonald was the ‘Weekend Update’ anchor, […]