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By RK Byers:

In keeping with the tradition of the original Boston Tea Party, today’s Tea Party Patriots are on point in one respect: they’re just as dumb as their predecessors.

As far as the get-ups, they’re way off. The lunatics that raided Boston Harbor on December 16, 1773 knew better than to dress in their street clothes. So when you see these fools running around dressed like cobblers from the 18th century, you should enjoy a hearty laugh.

The original “patriots” of the Boston Tea Party knew that they were breaking the law and dressed appropriately.

They dressed as…

Are you ready for this?

…Wait for it…


Some of you guessed “Black people, but they actually dressed like Indians. The correct term is Native Americans, but in those days the term was still “Indians.”

But don’t get it twisted, Black people were still around – we just weren’t as friendly. We were slaves. Angry slaves. When you hear some nut try to convince you that Blacks were happy slaves, just remind him that the nickname for us back in colonial times was “domestic foes.”

Simply, the original members of the Boston Tea Party were criminals. They destroyed over $15K worth of tea. To their credit, they didn’t steal anything. In fact, they supposedly had so much integrity about being only vandals and not thieves, that an actual Tea Partier who did steal tea was subsequently flogged.

And here’s where today parallels yesteryear – although in the book, the Shoemaker, Tea Party and Boston Tea Partier George Hewes recall actually destroying tea alongside John Hancock, the book disavows this as a possibility.

John Hancock was the richest man in Massachusetts at the time. He would have logically kept a low profile. Just like the real powers behind today’s Tea Party Patriots are too smart to show themselves. Participants in the original Boston Tea Party were all blue-collar workers or lower. That means that today, just like 237 years ago, the people on the front lines of the Tea Party Movement are still dupes of their corporate “massas.”

So if Black people are to learn anything from today’s Tea Party, it’s that when committing crimes or any other stupid, reprehensible acts, make sure you’ve gathered together a truckload of idiots to be the faces of your franchise.

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