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Have you gotten into a rut at work? Would you like to be more engaged, satisfied, and fulfilled in your work? For your own emotional and mental health, you need to feel happy at work. Follow these tips and you’ll see your work life improve:

1) Planning. Establish a routine of planning your week and your day. This will allow you to have your most productive week all the time. Start your day an extra 15 minutes early to do this planning everyday. Write down the top 1-3 important things you must do that day. And most importantly, set and reach your Goals! Use the power of intention to get there! Focusing on your future helps you get through challenging times.

2) Go outside at least once a day, and if possible, take a walk. The sunlight and activity is good for your focus, mood, and retention of information.

3) Try to make a lunch date with someone outside the office at least once a week.

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4) Let yourself stay ignorant of things you don’t need to know.

5) Be honest about how you’re spending your time. You feel overwhelmed, but are you really working hard? How much time do you spend surfing the internet, chatting on the phone, looking for things you’ve misplaced, or doing tasks that are really someone else’s job?

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