City Approves 51 New Speed Cameras


Via: Afro.com

With the city’s recent approval of 51 speed cameras, drivers now face $40 fines if they don’t slow down.

Research gathered from sensors identified the surveyed locations as high speed and accident areas. Until Nov. 1, warnings will be issued to drivers caught above the limit in the selected sites. By that date, all cameras will be installed and citations will be imposed.

By law, the cameras must be placed within half-mile of a school zone.

“Each location contained a school site that had at least five reported accidents within a one half-mile radius of a school zone in 2007,” said Department of Transportation spokeswoman Adrienne Barnes. “Also, the prevailing speed – the speed at which 85 percent of the motorists are traveling at or below – was above the posted speed limit.”

Motorists driving within the speed limit will see a “Photo Enforced” sign posted to announce the presence of the camera system.  But as heavy-footers fly by, a flash will alert them that their violation has been captured on camera. Vehicle speed and a video clip of the violation is recorded to show the vehicle progression.

Violations will be processed by Affiliated Computer Services to determine whether or not violation criteria has been met. If so, the driver’s name and address information will be obtained. Each violation is then routed to a queue for police review.  If approved, a ticket will be generated and mailed to the identified violator. Drivers will not have points added to their licenses if ticketed, but licenses will be flagged if tickets are not paid. However, motorists can appeal the citation by completing the back of the form and mailing it back to the city.

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