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Police officers and members of the community are joining forces Tuesday for National Night Out.

The night will consist of an evening of events intended to generate participation and support for local crime prevention activities.

The annual national event helps to strengthen trust and foster good relationships between the police and the communities they serve.

Here are a list of National Night Out Events in our area.


Central District:

Linden Park: 301 McMechen Street 4pm-8pm

McCulloh Homes: 501 Dolphin Street 4pm-8pm

Heritage Gardens: Murphy Lane 4pm-8pm

Druid Heights: 2140 McCulloh Homes 4pm-8pm

Reservoir Hill: Lennox & Bolton 4pm-8pm

Upton: 1200 Etting St 4pm-8pm

Seton Hill: 600 North Paca Street 4pm-8pm

Pedestal Gardens: 325 McMechen Street 5pm-8pm

Southeast District:

Patterson Park: 2301 E. Baltimore 6:30pm-8:30pm

Fells Prospect Community: 400 S Durham Street 6pm

St. Helena Ave: 6509 Colgate Ave 6pm-9pm

Upper Fellls Point Improv: 300 South Chapel St 5pm-8pm

Hatton Senior Center: 2825 Fait Ave 12pm-2pm

John Booth Senior Center: 2801 East Baltimore St 12:15pm-1pm

Washington Hill: 1739 East Pratt Street 6pm-9pm

Douglas Homes: 1500 E. Lexington 6pm- 8pm

Bayview Community: 5900 E. Pratt St 6pm-8:30pm

Eastern District

ED Comm. Relation Coun: 300 blk E. 22nd Street 5pm-8pm

Ashland Ave Association: Eager St. & Montford Ave 4pm-10pm

Operation C.U.R.E. 500 Blk E.22nd St 5pm-8pm

Pleasant View Gardens: 201 North Asquith Street 6:30pm-8pm

New Broadway East: 900 Wolfe Street 4pm-8pm

Oliver Senior Center: 1700 N. Gay St. 11am-2pm

Oliver Comm. Association: 1400 E. Oliver St. 4pm-8pm

Northeast District

Goodnow PAL Center: 5311 Goodnow Rd 6pm-9pm

Belair/Edison: 3500 Shannon Dr 6pm-8pm

Hamilton Hills: Reginald F. Lewis High School 6pm-8pm

Orchard Ridge: 4300 Orchard Ridge Rd 4:30pm-8pm

CHUM: Lake Montebello 6pm-8pm

YMCA: 900 E. 33rd St 6pm-9pm

Northern District

Govans Manor: 5220 York Rd 6pm-9pm

Old Goucher Community: East 23rd & Calvert St 6pm-9pm

Harwood Community: 420 East 27th Street 4pm-8pm

Charles Village Civic Assn: 2801 North Charles Street 6pm-8pm

Chinquapin Park – Belvedere: Arbor Oakes Community Center 7pm-9pm

Waverly/Lakeside: 900 E 33rd Street 6pm-8pm

Hampden Community: 1101 Winston Ave 6pm-8pm

Parklane Neighborhood: 4600 Lanier Ave 6pm-10pm

Coldspring — New Town: 4800 Tamarind 6pm-9pm

Woodbourne McCabe: 5200 Alhambra 6:30pm-8:30pm

Northwest District

Delta Sigma Theta: 2501 Springhill Avenue 4pm-8pm

Neighborhood United: 5011 Arbtus Ave. 6:30pm-8pm

Zeta Center: 4501 Reistertown Rd. 12:30pm-1:30pm

Glen Neighborhood: Glen Ave & Key Ave 6pm-8pm

Fallstaff Improvement: 3801 Fallstaff Rd. 6pm-8pm

WWFF-BOC Community: 3204 Chelsea Terrace. 4pm-6pm

Forest Park Senior Center: 4801 Liberty Heights Ave. 4pm-7pm

Forest Park Golf Neighbors: 4210 Ethland Ave. 6-8:30pm

Garwyn Oaks: 2610 Garrison Blvd 4pm-8pm

Greater NW: MTA Lot Wabash Ave. 5pm-8pm

Garwyn Oaks: 2610 Garrison Blvd 4pm-8pm

Edward A. Myerberg Center: 3101 Fallstaff Rd. 12pm-1pm

Cheswolde Neighborhood: 2800 Blk. Hanson Ave. 6pm-8pm

Western District

Fayette Outreach: 2401 Liberty Heights, 4pm-8pm

Bridgeview: 2401 Liberty Heights. 4pm-8pm

Greater Mondawmin 2401 Liberty Heights 4pm-8pm

Western District Comm Council: 2401 Liberty Heights. 4pm-8pm

Penn North: 2401 Liberty Heights. 4pm-8pm

Robert W. Coleman: 2401 Liberty Heights 4pm-8pm

Panway Community: 2401 Liberty Heights. 4pm-8pm

Southwest District

Allendale Community: 3610 W Mulberry St. 6pm-9pm

Edgewood Community: 835 Allendale. 6pm-9pm

Edmondson Village: 835 Allendale. 6pm-9pm

Uplands HOA: 4520 Scarlet Oak Lane. 5pm-8pm

Mount Oliver Community: 300 block Font Hill. 5pm-8pm

Medwick-Garth: Medwick/Edmondson. 6pm-9pm

Dickeyville: Kernan Bldg Forest Pk. 6pm-8pm

Irvington Community: 4117 Frederick Ave. 5pm-8pm

Southern District

Lakeland Community: 2900 Wegworth Lane. 6pm-8pm

City of Refuge: 901 Pontiac Ave. 6pm-8pm

Ridgelys Delight: Conway Park. 6pm-9pm

Violetville: 1095 Josh Ave. 6pm-9pm

Cherry Hill: 600 Cherry Hill Road. 5pm-8pm

Source: Fox Baltimore

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