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Bowie State University student fatally stabbed by roommate

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“It’s time to stop the violence…that is killing out children and our communities. It’s time to help each other build neighborhoods where each of us kids, teens, and adults can feel safe and secure from crime. A tough task? Yes, but it’s a challenge that each of us can do something about. We can reclaim our communities child by child, family by family, neighborhood by neighborhood.”

  1. Pray to God.
  2. Join your neighborhood association and be active.
  3. Become a block watcher and get your personal Crime Watch Number.
  4. Do all that you can to address criminal activity in your own home.
  5. Seek professional assistance for any family member or friend that may need medical and/or mental help.

To learn the rest of the rules, click here: 24 Commandments

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