Red car speeding

Source: James Porter / Getty

The city will soon start implementing speed cameras at six new locations, and red-light cameras at five new locations.

Starting April 23, the following speed cameras will go in effect:

–4700 blk Hillen Road to 5200 Perring Parkway – Northwood Elementary School, Lois T. Murray School

–5400 to 5700 blk of South Hilton Street – Wes Unseld School, Sarah Roach Elementary School , Green Street Academy

–4600 to 4700 blk Reisterstown Rd – Baltimore Junior Academy

–1 to 200 blk South Monroe St. – Samuel Moore Elementary School

–1300 to 1400 West Franklin St. EB – Augusta Fells Savage Elementary Middle

–1300 to 1400 Bk West Mulberry St. WB – Vivien Thomas Academy


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